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Prepare for the exam June 2, 2010

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It is time to start do preparation for the exam. Everyone working hard at this stage, and seeking to get the good achievement, so do I.

Anyway, I don’t have space time to update my blog until finished the exam. i would keep in touch with everyone via blog.

Good luck for everyone in exam.


Celebration May 26, 2010

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This week i got the assignment 2 result back  it was reasonable good. i happy with that . Aurn who is one of my friend and we doing the this paper together. He got 85%(A+)for his assignment. amazing result.

however, i would like to post the video of  Chinese traditional LION DANCE Performances for you guys , the LION DANCE performance is one of our Chinese traditional culture performance for celebrating in the special festival and occasion ,hopefully everyone enjoy this performances, and good luck for everyone in study time.


Proposal Preparation Work

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1.Identify and describe the area of IT that you are interested in as an area in which you could do research.  I am particularly interested in the area that you might choose as the basis of your project next semester.

 Due to I were a business student, therefore, my interested areas will not involved IT field and will be focus on business field. For my interested area is “Corporate Social Responsibility”.it is hotly debate topic in the business field.

2.For the area identify and describe at least 2 questions/hypotheses that you think would be interesting to research or investigate.

These are  three questions that I interesting to research and investigate toward my research topic is:

  •  How companies are applying the triple bottom line and the balanced scorecard approaches in their financial statements for their success?
  •  What kind of significant factor will be influencing the ability of companies to perform their social responsibility? For example, the global financial crisis.
  •  What is the positive impact of performing social responsibility for businesses?

3.For each of those 3 questions, identify and describe how you might go about finding the answers (in other words what kind of research approach might you use and how would you do it).

For this research proposal, it will base on secondary research.

The source of data and information might gain from academic paper. Also recent relevant articles and the world web sides, also the government reports.

4.For each of these approaches identify the resources that you would need.

I am not really understood what this question actual asking about and what i suppose to do.  I think I need to hvea further discussion whit my tutor in tomorrow class.


Do you know what MRSA is?? May 18, 2010

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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) is a type of Staphylococcus aureus that is resistant to some antibiotics. Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium that commonly lives in the nose and on the skin. Occasionally Staphylococcus aureus causes boils, wound infections or other infections.

MRSA is no more likely to cause infection than an ordinary Staphylococcus aureus but if an infection occurs it is more difficult to treat.

“Infections have risen from 12 case in 2004 at least 420 reported cases in 2008 (a rise of 3500 percent), according to figures released by NZ Ministry of Health.”(Global Health Alert (Health Bulletin # 26): Explosive Rise in MRSA Infections in New Zealand)

Infections with MRSA are most common in hospital and other health-care setting. It can be develop in a person who is currently or was recently in the hospital or a person in the community.
Wherever possible doctors or nurses should try to find out if patients are carrying MRSA before they come into the hospital. Sometimes they would like the patients to have a test for MRSA.

Do you wanna see what does MRSA looks like? Yes? Google plz.
It is terrible!!!!


Seeking for help May 12, 2010

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Hi all:

i am strugling with one of my assignment,it needs to hand in next week. i only got few days left,but i havn’t come up with any idea to do this assigement ,i was surffering now. i post this in my blog and hopefully can get some helps or ideas from you guys. it is management paper called “strategic management”.

The assigement topic is “Emerging Issues in New Zealand Management”. the requirement is :

“Emerging issues”that will probably influence the industry, market, or other dimensions of the operation evnironment. Emerging issues are presently “unimportant”, not yet “urgent”, and (self-evidently)are fraught with “uncertainty”.

please help me out 😦


SWOT analysis

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Hi all,

Have you here aboout what is SWOT analysis. iam sure business students are famililar with this strategic planning method,because we use quite widely in business ares.This is great mothod the businessman should know about, if you seeking to develop  business,try to use this mothod.

This video is about how to conduct a SWOT analysis to build up your business and make your business become more competitive.

The SWTO stand for:

  • Strengths: attributes of the person or company that are helpful to achieving the objective(s).
  • Weaknesses: attributes of the person or company that are harmful to achieving the objective(s).
  • Opportunities: external conditions that are helpful to achieving the objective(s).
  • Threats: external conditions which could do damage to the objective(s).

    Research approach May 4, 2010

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    Last week we spent whole class section to discuss the research approach. That was very impressive and useful. Even I were  not an IT student, I also need to do my degree project toward my major in coming simmer. It gave me clear guidance how to apply research approach to do my project, it also very a useful tool. It is my purpose to do this course, now it seems achieving and I was progressing Ha-ha!! I was so grateful.

     In the class, the tutor classifies several types of research approach which are:

    Scientific 5 Interpretative 5

     Deductive 3 Inductive 3

     Qualitative 2 Quantitative

    2 Theory building 4 Theory testing 4

     Objective 1 Subjective 1

     These research approaches mainly could be classifying two major types:

      Subjective: Interpretative, Qualitative ,Theory Building, inductive

    Objective :Scientific, Quantitative ,Theory Testing ,Deductive, 

     Regarding to your research purpose to decide which approach was appropriate.


    ‘qualitative research’ and ‘quantitative research’ April 25, 2010

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    1. the meaning of ‘qualitative research’.

    After i done research on what is “qualitative research”, the general idears were, qualitative research was  focused on find out the attitude of people, why the people behave in such way, how they are feeling,what they motivate to. what kind of they culture and lifestyles like. these information can be used to inform business decisions.

    2.the meaning of ‘quantitative research’

    quantitative research focused on gathering numerical data and generalising it across groups of people.For example: how many people feeling like that.

    3.the differences between them

    • they focused on different scope which “why” and “how”.
    • they use different method to gain informantion. one is based on rsearcher ,one is based on equipment.
    • they use different way to show up resesrch result. one is mostly used words, one is used the form of numbers and statistics.

    4.  examples of research approaches and categorise them into qualitative or quantitative.

    qualitative research approach:

    1.customer feedback 2.reports 3. social sciences 4.market research

    quantitative research approach:

    1.sociology2.anthropology3.political science4.physical sciences

    I was not very happy with my work, because of  iam not sure whether i do it right or wrong. there two term seams very similar meaning to me, i was very hard to use correct word to explain what deffirient between them.

    i will try to read others blong to get more ideas about these two terms.


    Week 6 Class note April 6, 2010

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    In last a couple of week, we strat to think of my interest of areas, now we going to explore  further more knowledges towards our topic. This research is secondary research which meas it will based on a large number of literture review. we required to find out relevant academic paper towards our topic. The tutor has already told us the mothod how to research academic paper( Google Scholar, ProQute), and the criterion use to judge it(Published,Athtor,Citation).

    This week , we discussed how to creat correct references format and realised how important to have correct reference format for someone to access your paper such as will more convenience for tutor to access 30 students research work. The correct reference format is : Author( day or e d ).Title. Pubilcation. Retrieved from. For example:

    John A. Quelch and Katherine E. Jocz, (2009). Can Corporate Social Responsibility Survive Recession? Retrieved on 01/09/2009 from www.rezonance.ch/…/Can_CSR_Survive_Recession_John_Quelch.pdf

    Typing the “keyword”is critical path  to find out relevant paper. One very usefull sugesstion for that is be aware of USA and English spelling. it will cause big difference outcome. For example, “virtnalisation vs virtnalization” and “modelling vs modeling”.

    A course of class, we alsoo been told that “acknowledge” is not reference .it is good way to say thank you for someone who has contrbute to your work. why i mention this point because i confused between “references” and” acknowledge”, the other thing i also confused is “Bibliography” and “Refenence”.

    “Bibliography” is List of useful resources and not necessary mentioned in the text.

    “Reference” is actually mentioned in the text. it necessary and vital important. without appropriate  reference that your work will be treat as  plagiarism.


    Week 6 exercise

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    1. I found one academic paper toward my interest of ares.

     2. where and how did you find this paper.

    i found this paper from google scholar.

    •  what keywords did you use?

    i typing by the keyword   “triple bottom line” .

    • write out the reference correctly in APA format. (If you don’t know how to use APA referencing correctly check out the link on the bottom right of this page).
    • APA referencing : Wayne Norman , Chris MacDonald.(2004) Getting to Bottom of “Triple Bottom Line” .Published at In Press, Business Ethics Quarterly. Retrieved March 30, 2010. from Google Scholar : http://www.jstor.org/pss/3857909
    • Give 3 reasons why you believe this is an ‘academic research paper’ I believed this is  an academic paper because it has clear display Author, Published and citation. This paper start with clear Abstract. A review of other papers relevant to the topic and a list of references.

    3.Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should?

     Yes, it is.  the abstract has told me the three things that it should know.

  • What seems to be the question(s) they were trying to answer?
  • The view of “Tiple Bottom Line”and the notion of “Triple Bottom Line” (3BL) accounting

  • Briefly describe the method(s) they used to answer the questions(s)
  • it dosen’t mention what specific method they used to answer the question , but it seems based on a large number of literture review.  

  • Did you agree with what they wrote in their conclusion?
  • Be honest, i haven’t go through the full text yet. therefore i unable to make the comment whether i agree with the conclusion or not.

  • How many references does the paper have?
  • This paper has 37 references.

  • Briefly describe two things that you learnt from the paper.
  • The notion of “Triple Bottom Lime” accounting and how it effect on management.

    4. Relevance

    As I mentioned in my early post. “Trple Bottom Lime” is major method to use measure and evalute companies social performance. therefore, i believed this paper will be relevant towards “Corporate Social Responsibility”.